Match Day 2019 Celebration
Saturday, March 16, 2019

March 15, 2019

Chattanooga, TN


Match Day 2019 Celebration in Chattanooga

2019 Match Day Group - Chattanooga


To celebrate the announcement of the 2019 NMRM Match Day results for 10 UT students, the institution hosted a brunch at the Hunter Museum of Art.  The ten students were already rotating in clinical rotations in Chattanooga for the month of March, and have primarily participated in their junior and senior clerkship and elective courses in Chattanooga.


2019 Match Day at the Hunter - Chattanooga


As occurs at medical schools across the country on Match Day, at promptly Noon Eastern Time, senior medical students open envelopes from the National Resident Matching Program  (NRMP) to learn the name of the program and institution in which they will be pursuing their residency in July following their medical school graduations.  


The group of students in Chattanooga had a quite novel idea about how they wanted to get their envelopes -- they requested individualized character pinatas that were stuffed with the envelopes and candy.  Figuring out how to hang the pinatas in the lobby of the Hunter proved a challenge, but the results were well worth the efforts.  We have to admit -- the IV poles were a cool touch.  University and Erlanger leaders joined the students and their families in a most enjoyable experience!  Please join us in congratulating the students and wishing them well as they continue the next part of their graduate medical education journey:


2019 Match Day Pinatas


Student  Residency Institution/Location
Byrd, Jonathan Neurology University of Tennessee College of Medicine (Memphis)
Clark, Kamry Anesthesiology UT Graduate School of Medicine (Knoxville)
Devereux, Lawrence Family Medicine UT Graduate School of Medicine (Knoxville)
Gillogly, Austin Family Medicine University of Tennessee College of Medicine (Jackson)
Goodrich, Robert Child Neurology Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center (Winston-Salem, NC)
Hong, Victor Orthopaedic Surgery Loma Linda University (Loma Linda, CA)
Ludi, Daniel Internal Medicine George Washington University (Washington, DC)
Peck, Aurora Internal Medicine Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education (Rochester, Minnesota)
Squire, Emma Pediatrics Stanford University (Stanford, CA)
Watlington, James Surgery Brookwood Baptist Health (Birmingham, AL)


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