UT Required Online Training Modules

(Updated 5/13/2009)


The University of Tennessee Health Science Center and the Statewide UT Graduate Medical Education System have developed nine required, online training modules that must be completed by all incoming residents and fellows before they begin training and are placed on payroll on July 1.  They are maintained on the UT Memphis website (http://www.utmem.edu).


The nine required modules for all UT residents and fellows are:


HIPAA Privacy Lesson 1

HIPAA Privacy Lesson 2

HIPAA Security

HIPAA Update 2007

Medicare Compiance Lesson 1

Medicare Compliance Lesson 2

Billing Compliance Update 2007

Sexual Harassment

Sleep and Fatigue Education


Shortly after we submit your UT GME Registration Form information to the UT Memphis GME Office, you will be issued unique UT Net ID logins and we will email you instructions about your password information.


Once you receive your UT Net ID login and understand your password, you will go to the UT Memphis Homepage at http://www.utmem.edu.  Then click on the I-Login link at the top of the page. you will be prompted to enter your UT Net ID and password. Once you have entered that, you will click on the Administration Folder and then click on the Campus Training Lessons Folder. You will see a list of modules but you need to complete only the nine that are required. Once you have completed a module it will not let you back in, this is an easy way to verify that you completed it.


By the end of May, if you have not received an email from the GME Office with your UT Net ID, you can look yourself up in the People Search Directory on the UT Homepage. If you do not know your password you will need to call the UT Memphis Helpdesk at (901) 448-2222.



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