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What is the GHHS?
Established in 2002, the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) is an international association of individuals and medical school chapters whose members are selected as exemplars of empathy, compassion, altruism, integrity, and service in their relationships with patients and others in the field of medicine. The University of Tennessee Gold Humanism Honor Society Chapter was approved in March 2009 and the first inductees were named in April 2009. This was made possible by an initial grant from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation.


2017 GHHS Induction Ceremony - Class of 2018 (April 8, 2017):



2017 Inductees:
Mimi Bach, Elizabeth H. Brallier, Alden Blake Daniels, Peter Andrew Duden, Robert Edward Dunn, Brandon Tyler Emerson, Joel Tyson Finley, Andrew Blasius Johnston, Yannie Susan Li, Ryan Colby Passaro, Jennifer Nicole Rosen, William Albert Shelton, Emily Anne Shepherd, Taylor Christine Stavely, Scott Keenan Ward, and Jessica Grace Wright.


Click on this link to view activities of GHHS Chapter for 2015-2016.


Chapter Advisor:  Mukta Panda, MD, FACP, Professor and Assistant Dean for Medical Student Education, UT College of Medicine Chattanooga


Chapter Co-Advisors

  • Robert C. Fore, EdD, FACEHP, CHCP, Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, UT College of Medicine Chattanooga
  • Renate Rosenthal, PhD, Professor and Assistant Dean (Memphis Campus Liaison)
  • James Lewis, MD, Associate Professor and Chair for the Academy of Scholars (UT Graduate School of Medicine Knoxville Campus Liaison)

2016-2017 Student Chapter Liaisons:  Liz Anderson and Anne Calkins


Chapter Administrative Liaison:  Pamela D. Scott, Director,  Graduate and Medical Student Education, UT College of Medicine Chattanooga


GHHS Mission

The GHHS is dedicated to foster, recognize, and support the values of humanism and professionalism in medicine. The Society commits itself to work within and beyond medical education to inspire, nurture, and sustain lifelong advocates and activists for compassionate patient care.


Honor Society Pledge
As a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, I pledge by all that I hold dear as a Physician:

  • I will Care for my patients with Compassion, Respect, Empathy, Integrity and Clinical Excellence;
  • I will Listen to my pateints with my whole being;
  • I will Advocate for each patient as a unique individual;
  • I will Serve as a role model and mentor to promote humanism in health care;
  • I will Remember always the healing power of acts of caring;
  • I will Dedicate myself to joining with others to make health care optimal for all.

Who are GHHS members?

  • Medical students, residents, medical school faculty members, and national figures who are role models in their contributions to compassionate service in medicine.
  • Recipients of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation's Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award.
  • Recipients of the Accreditation's Council for Graduate Medical Education's Parker J. Palmer Courage to Teach Award.
  • Recipients of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation's Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award.

2016 GHHS Induction  

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