NEU3-3001/F Neurology Clerkship-CHATT


Clerkship Directors: Abdelazim Sirelkhatim, MD (Neurology)

Course Contact: Joyce Poke

Location: Erlanger Health System

Orientation Location: Department of Internal Medicine, 2nd Floor, Whitehall Bldg., 960 East 3rd

Size:  3

Overnight call: none

Weekend work: none

Deadline for Cancelation: Thirty days prior to start of elective

Blocks offered:: 1, 3, 9, 11

Prerequisites: None

Pre-reading: none

Link: None


This is a face to face clinical rotation offered in the fall and spring and receiving 7 credit hours.



This is a four-week (one block) required clerkship.  Students will become familiar with standard diagnostic techniques, become proficient at performing a neurologic examination, become familiar with best practice guidelines.  Students will be able to recognize and treat neurological emergencies and common neurologic disorders.  Attendance at lectures and teaching conferences is required.  Student’s final grade is based 50% on a neurology shelf exam and 50% on the attending neurologist’s evaluation of their clinical performance.  Students will have required didactic sessions to include teleconferencing such sessions from Memphis.  Use of shared resources will be key.  Faculty will supervise students directly.  Students will be expected to attend the regularly scheduled rounds, clinics, video lecture series and participate in the Neurology Clerkship teleconferences run by the Neurology Clerkship in Memphis.   There is no student overnight call requirement.  Established duty hour rules for students will be followed. 


Revised 1/2017

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