Maternal Fetal Medicine


The division of Maternal-Fetal medicine is composed of Drs. David Adair, Angela Hawk, Joseph Kipikasa, Sunanda Sunadandan, Tripp Nelson, Kyle Gonzales, and CarlosTorres.  The emphasis of our division is that of establishing perinatal services on a regional basis in coordination with Regional Obstetrical Consultants (ROC). Our area of service extends from the south of Nashville to North Georgia. Our hospital at Baroness Erlanger serves as the regional perinatal (state designated level 4) center, which provides the background for a very exciting clinical experience for our residents rotating through the MFM  service. Residents will become proficient with management of typical maladies such as preeclampsia, diabetes, abnormal placentation (previa and accreta), postpartum hemorrhage and preterm premature rupture of membranes. Additionally, they will be exposed to cases of maternal disease (ie autoimmune disorders), maternal and fetal inherited disorders (ie thrombophilias, bleeding disorders)and maternal and fetal congenital anomalies. 

Our faculty members have decades of combined experience in teaching and prioritize rounds with residents daily on our active MFM service.   Research is actively carried out by the partners, resulting in several publications and resident presentations on a yearly basis. An outpatient elective is also available at the offices of ROC, where residents gain experience with the latest ultrasound equipment, exposure to a rapidly growing telehealth network, and assist with outpatient diagnostic procedures.



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