2016 Resident Research Day

May 13, 2016  •  4 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits ™  •  Probasco Auditorium, Erlanger, Chattanooga, TN 


8:00am - Welcome & Opening remarks

8:15am - A Structured Assessment of Resident Operative Reporting Before and After an Education Intervention • Author: G. Alan Hyde, M.D.

8:25am - Distal Filter Protection During Percutaneous Atherectomy: Is it Indicated? • Author: Sara Edeiken, M.D.

8:40am - Survey of Sickle Trait Knowledge and Management Practices Among Pediatric Healthcare Providers • Speaker: Julia Katsuura, M.D. Joanne Dela Pena Arce, M.D.

8:50am - Correlation between Right Atrial Volume and  Pulmonary Artery Hypertension in Term and Preterm Infants • Author: Amit Shah, M.D.

9:00am - Patient Navigation for Patients Frequently Visiting the Emergency Room • Author: Stanton Elseroad, M.D., Michael Dumas, M.D.

9:10am - Physician Bedside Etiquettes and Patient Satisfaction in inpatient Setting • Author: Aparna Shreenath, M.D., Dinesh Poudyal, M.D.

9:20am - Serum Anti-Mullerian Hormone Levels and All Cause Mortality in Men • Author: Sana Akbar, M.D.

9:30am - Bacterial Colonization of Subgiottic Secretions Occurs Rapidly Following Emergent Intubation Contributes to Prolonged Ventilation:  Role of Tracheal HSP-70 Secretion • Author: Luke Basdeo, M.D., Jensen Hyde, M.D., Orlando Turner, M.D.

9:40am - Relation Between FEV1/FVC Ratio and Chronic Kidney Disease • Author: Luke Basdeo, M.D.

9:50am - Efficacy of Interventions to Reduce Resident Physician Burnout:  A Systematic Review • Author: Kiran Busireddy, M.D., Jonathan Miller, M.D., Kathleen Ellison, M.D., Vicky Ren, M.D.

10:00am - Effect of Didactic Lectures on Obesity Documentation and Counseling Among International Medicine Residents • Author: Vicky Ren, M.D., Kathleen Ellison, M.D., Jonathan Miller, M.D. Kiran  Busireddy, M.D.

10:10am - Break

10:30am - Effect of Vitamin D on Balance in Older Population • Author: Vrushali Shah, M.D.

10:35am - Serum ALT and All Cause Mortality • Author: Erica Karaphillis, M.D., Ryan Goldstein, M.D., Sharif Marphy, M.D.

10:40am - Hospital Patient Satisfaction Scores and 30 day Re-admission and Mortality Rates of Heart Failure Patients • Author: Mohamed Hussein, M.D.

10:45am - A Comparison of Hospital Patient Satisfaction Scores and Improvement Trends Between Teaching and Non-Teaching Facilities • Author: Jenifer Samuel, M.D.

10:50am - Effect of Spirometry Measures on the Relationship Between Eosinophilia and All cause Mortality • Author: Pralhad Sharma, M.D.

10:55am - Hospital Admission Rate and Subsequent Asthma Scores After Initiation of the AeroChamber Plus Flow-VU Anti-static Valved Holding Chamber • Author: Gordon Myers, M.D.

11:00am - The Impact of Caloric Intake on Infants Receiving High Flow High Humidity Nasal Cannula Oxygen Therapy for Bronchiolitis • Author: Joanna Niklinska, M.D.

11:05am - Introduction of New Technology to General pediatric Nursing • Author: Sarah Harding, M.D.

11:10am - Knowledge and Perception Towards Emergency Contraception  • Author: Christy Pettes, M.D.

11:15am - Medical, Traumatic, and Psychological Emergencies in Incarcerated Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department • Author: Rosanna Couture, M.D.

11:20am - A Five Year Retrospective Review of Resident Plastic Surgery Clinic • Author: Kristopher M.Day, M.D.

11:25am - Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Ureteroneocystostomy:  A Single Center Experience • Author: Nathan Jung, M.D.

11:30am - Analysis of Cervical Alignment in Multilevel ACDG with Lordotic underbody Device:  A Retrospective study • Author: Yoshihiro Katsuura, M.D.

11:35am - The Modified Iliac Outlet View:  An Adjunct to the Inlet View for Anterior Column Screw Placement • Author: Bryce Cunningham, M.D.

11:40am - Review of Office Based Mohs Reconstruction • Author: Caleb Steffen, M.D.

11:45am - The Common Femoral Artery:  To Stent or Not to Stent • Author: MK Huddleston, M.D., ER Clark, DO

11:50am -Lunch

1:00pm - A new Technique for Reconstruction of  post-Traumatic Skull and Orbit Deformity Using Three Dimensional Printing of Custom Bone Implants • Author: Kristopher M. Day, M.D.

1:05pm - Simultaneous Decompression of Hallux Rigidus and Correction of Hallux Valgus Deformity with an Oblique Osteotomy: Case report • Author: Chase Kluemper, M.D.

1:10pm - A Novel Technique for Achilles Tendon Repair • Author: Nicholas Richardson, M.D.

1:15pm - Elevated Creatinine Following Ingestion of Toy Car Fuel • Author: Andrea Schweikert, M.D.

1:20pm - Hungry Bone Syndrome Precipitating Ventricular Tachycardia • Author: Stacie Hamley, M.D.

1:25pm - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in a Pediatric Patient with Peripheral Arterial Occlusion • Author: Kimberly Akridge, M.D., Grace Nguyen, M.D.

1:30pm - Meckel's Diverticulum Presenting as a Small Bowel Obstruction • Author: Audrey Fenin, M.D.

1:35pm - Subcostal Incision for the Enlarged Uterus:  Maintaining a Minimally Invasive Approach (Video Presentation) • Author: Rachel Eliason, M.D.

1:40pm - Severe Pulmonary Hypertension in a Patient with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV-PAH) • Author: Aliaksandr Trusau, M.D., Madhavi Cherukula, M.D.

1:45pm - HSV Encephalitis Presented with Behavioral Syndromes in a Previously Healthy Patient • Author: Aliaksandr Trusau, M.D.

1:50pm - Post Hysterectomy Extauterine Cotyledonoid Leiomyoma in a 42 year old Female • Author: Hugh Smith, M.D.

2:00pm - Closing Remarks



  AMA Credit: The University of Tennessee College of Medicine designates this live activity for a maximum of 4 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

  Continuing Education for Non-Physicians: Non-physicians can obtain continuing education credits for attending activities that award AMA Category 1 CreditsTM to physicians. Check with your licensure/certification board for confirmation.

  Accreditation: The University of Tennessee College of Medicine is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.



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