UTCoMC Medical Simulation Facilities


Our simulation area currently consists of three rooms that can be quickly transformed into an emergency room, trauma room, operating room, labor and delivery and an ICU.  All rooms have pan tilt cameras and ceiling mounted microphones for valuable after action review. 

Human Patient Simulators (HPS)

We currently use the Laerdal SimMan, SimBaby and SimNewB.

We also have the NOELLE difficult delivery simulator and Newborn HAL by Gaumard.  All of our simulators will respond to treatments such as ventilations, intubations and shock, just to name a few.


Control Room

The control room is centrally located to all simulation rooms.  Instructors have the option to remotely guide their staff with the use of intercoms or by using a simulation microphone that mimics the patient’s voice.  The instructor can watch and listen to their staff on video monitors or through one way glass.



Our classroom provides an added benefit for larger groups.  Large groups can be split up and have one part of the group watch the training sessions on the large screen monitor until it is time for them to perform.  The classroom is also used for the after action review where the instructor points out actions that were performed well and those that need to be improved upon.


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